Motorola Solutions: Revitalizing a Developer Toolkit


Clement | Peterson was brought on to help relaunch RhoMobile, Motorola Solutions’ mobile application development platform, and to grow its awareness among developer communities and enterprises.


The strategy called for a full PR program, emphasizing proactive media relations alongside speaking engagements at mobile developer conferences, thought leadership placements across several verticals, and analysts briefings. All facets were designed to gain market share for the revamped product suite.

Technique and Results

The initial PR push set the tone for the product’s relaunch. RhoMobile received placements in key industry publications read by developers and potential channel partners, including Software Development Times, ProgrammableWeb, Network World, Application Development Trends, InfoQ, and Business Solutions Magazine. Thought leadership articles pitched and placed with popular developer-read outlets such as Enterprise Apps and App Developer Magazine pushed RhoMobile into additional publications. Clement | Peterson also secured speaking engagements for Motorola Solutions technical leaders at global developer events including OSCON, Gartner AADI, Droidcon, and ModevCon

The successful engagement concluded when Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business (including its RhoMobile product) by Zebra Technologies.

  • Date December 23, 2017
  • Tags Case Study