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Companies delivering cloud platforms need a PR agency that understands their technology and competitive differentiation, and how to cut through the noise to get their cloud solutions into the right media publications and customer conversations.

Clement | Peterson has a proven track record of helping both startup and enterprise cloud platform providers distinguish their offerings in crowded marketplaces, to earn the media and industry attention required to support success. Through targeted cloud, business, and vertical media outreach around product and company announcements, a consistent cadence of thought leadership, briefings with the right industry analysts, and conference speaking programs, Clement | Peterson establishes our cloud platform clients’ expertise and capabilities across relevant industries and in the minds of potential customers.

Some of our cloud platform client experience

Cloud platform case study: standing out with a 100% open source platform

Instaclustr – provider of an integrated cloud platform of open source data-layer technologies – selected Clement | Peterson to begin a PR program designed to carve out a competitive niche in a crowded market. In an area of the cloud world where many so-called open source offerings are actually “open core” products that leave customers at the mercy of vendor and technical lock-in, Instaclustr sought to underscore its fundamental commitment to providing a managed cloud platform delivering Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka in their 100% pure open source versions.

Clement | Peterson proceeded with a strategy leveraging media outreach, analyst relations, and thought leadership articles bylined by Instaclustr leadership that highlight Instaclustr’s position that customers should be in control of their code (as well as Instaclustr’s keen technical knowledge and platform support capabilities). The PR program has successfully cultivated wide media, analyst, and industry attention. This has helped establish Instaclustr as a cloud provider trusted not only for its stand-out expertise, but also its pure open open source offerings and the customer-first values that stance represents.

Through C|P’s ongoing PR program, Instaclustr has built its name as a trusted cloud provider differentiated by its commitment to 100% open source solutions. The client continues to undergo rapid year-over-year growth, support by C|P’s active media and analyst relations around Instaclustr’s expanding platform, as well as a regular cadence of thought leadership exposure.


B2B tech sectors: cloud, open source software, database, developer tools

Strategy and tactics: media outreach, rapid response, technical and high level thought leadership bylines, analyst briefings, speaking engagements

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