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Companies that pioneer groundbreaking data-layer solutions (and managed data-layer services) can nevertheless face difficulty distinguishing their products in the eyes of the industry and shaping public and customer perceptions. Clement | Peterson brings extensive experience and a particularly winning track record when it comes to partnering with database and database-as-a-service providers to define and spread the unique benefits of their products.

Some of our data-layer client experience

Database & DBaaS Case Study: From Dbaas re-brand to MongoDB Acquisition

Clement | Peterson worked with mLab – a Database-as-a-Service startup – for several years ahead of its acquisition by MongoDB. Our first task was guiding mLab (then MongoLab) through a renaming event that would make the transition as visible – and seamless – as possible. While a startup rename in and of itself isn’t always that noteworthy, we were able to gain top-tier coverage of the event by successfully tying the reasons behind the name change to broader (and compelling) industry trends.

A key component of mLab’s PR campaign was its customers. mLab customers who weren’t just interested in case studies for mLab’s website: many were also interested in engaging with media about the problems they were solving using mLab’s managed database solution. We worked with those customers directly, parsing out the elements that would make for an interesting story. Collaborating with mLab’s more-than-willing customers enabled us to secure coverage not just in database and developer publications, but also in industry vertical publications (such as healthcare IT, financial services, etc) that were relevant to mLab’s customer base.

Ultimately, mLab’s growth led to a successful acquisition by MongoDB.

“We hired Clement | Peterson to help us with a vital renaming/rebranding effort and immediately they scored a win, engineering great coverage that included a lead story in a top-tier tech publication. The agency is highly adaptable to our particular strengths: We don’t have a lot of product news, but we have amazingly loyal users. C|P has been an essential part of getting the word out about our stick customers – interviewing and writing case studies on these users, working with them to produce bylined pieces, and connecting them to editorial opportunities. Our PR program, under C|Ps, hand, has been a very successful mix of proactively looking for and getting PR opps around industry trends op-eds, and weaving the customer use cases into these.” — Russ Wood, VP of Marketing at mLab (acquired by MongoDB)


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