Guidance Software: Securing Sensitive Data

Switching from a larger PR firm, Guidance Software enlisted Clement | Peterson to help raise the publicly-traded company’s profile as a premier provider of endpoint data security and forensic security solutions.

Enterprises frequently handle sensitive customer and internal data, both of which must remain secure. Failure to do so can result in the loss of critical intellectual property, reputation-crippling breaches of customer data, and regulatory action. However, enterprise employees are besieged by security threats including malware, phishing scams, and the potential for portable endpoint devices (such as laptops or smartphones) to fall into the wrong hands. Guidance provides the oversight solution to secure all of an enterprise’s endpoints, and understand threats with forensic detail.

Clement | Peterson used a mix of proactive outreach and executive positioning to increase Guidance Software’s earned media footprint.

Clement | Peterson began by securing a record number of security reporters and thought leaders to Guidance Software’s annual customer conference, Enfuse. The previous year, a global PR agency who had worked with Guidance for several years secured 12 articles from the show. Under Clement | Peterson, this increased to 28 articles in addition to several podcast interviews. Clement | Peterson also increased the overall estimated number of article views by 1,004%, according to CoverageBook.

As a continuous stream of high-profile data breach incidents captured widespread media attention, Clement | Peterson positioned Guidance Software with national and security-focused reporters as go-to experts for insightful perspectives. This led to Guidance’s inclusion in reporter-written articles for publications like Wired and The Los Angeles Times. A program of developing thought leadership articles, bylined by Guidance executives and placed in targeted publications such as CSO, Risk Management, and Infosecurity Magazine, also served to grow the company’s reputation for data security expertise.

Clement | Peterson further bolstered Guidance’s renown as a data security leader by assisting in the production of industry white papers on high-traffic topics and leading media outreach to develop the as a relied upon information source. Similarly, Clement | Peterson’s outreach around a number of Guidance surveys garnered wide spread media coverage from publications including SC MagazineInfosecurity MagazineIT Business Edge, Security Week, and Computer Weekly.

Buoyed by the significant increase in visibility in 2017, Guidance Software was acquired by OpenText.

Tech sectors: Endpoint security, forensic security, incident response

PR strategies: Media outreach and rapid response, thought leadership bylines, conference press relations

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