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Businesses in the MarTech and AdTech industries often need a knowledgeable PR partner to help differentiate their unique offerings and capabilities in the eyes of potential clients and the public at large. Just as the right marketing and ad technologies can empower brands to stand out from the crowd, Clement | Peterson is experienced in designing PR programs highlighting the nuanced benefits delivered by a particular agency or solution.

Clement | Peterson carefully constructs and executes PR campaigns that feature media outreach to targeted publications around company and product announcements or rapid response reactions to active news stories, placement of thought leadership articles under executive bylines, nurtured relationships with key industry analysts, and conference speaking engagements.

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MarTech and AdTech Case Study: building thought leadership to accenture acquisition

Wire Stone, now an Accenture Interactive-owned digital marketing agency serving Fortune 1000 brands, enlisted Clement | Peterson to plan and execute the CX-focused agency’s first-ever PR program. As the agency space continues to undergo significant upheaval, Wire Stone wanted to further carve out its niche as a firm that uniquely blends creative and marketing technologies to build engaging brand experiences for its B2B (and some B2C) clients.

Clement | Peterson pursued a strategy that successfully established Wire Stone executives as thought leaders on cutting edge martech best practices, digital experience strategy, and coming changes to the industry ecosystem as a whole. As an outspoken voice within the CX and DX industry, Wire Stone helped shape the conversation on a redefinition of what it means to be a digital agency, while also providing specific knowledge and guidance on how to use emerging martech solutions most advantageously.

Through the PR initiatives, Wire Stone op-ed articles were published in leading publications, covering high-interest topics such as the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in experiential marketing, the rise of chatbots in both marketing and customer service use cases, best practices in shaping CX throughout the customer journey, social media marketing, SEO strategy, the case for agile marketing, the role of big data in marketing, and plenty more. Publications Wire Stone earned repeated traction in included Adweek,, CMSWire, Forbes, the American Marketing Association, MediaPost, and CIO, among others. Additionally, the PR program obtained Wire Stone executive speaking engagements at key conferences such as Digital Summit, The MarTech Conference, and DX Summit.

Three years into the agency’s Clement | Peterson-led PR program, Wire Stone was successfully acquired by Accenture Interactive.


B2b tech sectors: martech, adtech

Strategy and tactics: media outreach, rapid response, technical and high level thought leadership bylines, analyst briefings, speaking engagements

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