NeuVector: Introducing a New Approach to Kubernetes Security

NeuVector, a Kubernetes security company delivering a solution that secures container environments during run-time, tasked Clement | Peterson with designing and executing an ongoing PR program to help the vendor gain traction – from launch – in a highly competitive space. NeuVector looked to distinguish its unique approach to Kubernetes and container security, which utilizes behavioral learning and firewall technology to impose automated security policies that whitelist normal connections and activities and detect and block malicious behavior.

Clement | Peterson implemented a strategy of leveraging media outreach, analyst relations, and published thought leadership articles by NeuVector executives to establish the company’s unique capabilities as a technology provider. Through these methods, NeuVector enjoyed a successful launch, with wide coverage and key media publications and analysts taking note of the company’s differentiated, advantageous, and purpose-built approach to securing highly dynamic container environments. Clement | Peterson also secured analyst briefings with Gartner, 451 Research, IDC, RedMonk, Securosis, and others, ensuring that NeuVector was on those analysts’ radars when advising end user organizations.

Beyond the launch, Clement | Peterson’s diligent media outreach has continued to earn NeuVector expansive coverage as it grows and announces new versions, industry partnerships, and major VC investments. On the thought leadership front, Clement | Peterson regularly creates, pitches, and places articles bylined by NeuVector’s executive and technical leadership to earn the company exposure in parallel to coverage of major announcements. NeuVector thought leadership has appeared in key influential publications, including InfoQ, Container Journal, DZone,, Inside Big Data, Network World, and more.

Tech sectors: security, containers

PR strategies: media outreach, rapid response, technical and high-level thought leadership bylines, analyst briefings

Sample publication placements: