Zvelo: Making the Web Safer for All

Cybersecurity provider Zvelo approached Clement | Peterson with the task of building company and product awareness across several industries. A decade-old company new to PR, Zvelo’s solutions identify the true nature of web traffic, serving to prevent ad fraud, uphold the reputations of brands’ digital advertising campaigns, and safeguard Internet of Things and other network-connected devices from cyberattacks.

When brands pay for online advertising, a significant percentage of the clicks and views paid for may actually be produced by non-human bots, and not actual potential customers. At the same time, brands that advertise across major ad platforms have infamously faced incidents in which their marketing materials are displayed in juxtaposition with problematic content. Malicious traffic is also a major issue being faced by Internet of Things devices, which are routinely hacked and have their collected bandwidth misused in massive botnet-based DDoS attacks, which pose a rising threat to the availability of the internet as we know it.

Clement | Peterson’s PR program features targeted media outreach across the cybersecurity and ad tech industries. Proactive initiatives have garnered Zvelo coverage in key business and trade publications including eWeek, CMO Innovation, Forbes, IT Business Edge, etc. Zvelo executive thought leadership bylines are regularly with leading industry publications, including Infosecurity Magazine, IoT Evolution, Brand Quarterly, MarTech Advisor, IT Pro, EE Times, and others.

The PR program has also included several podcast interviews, IoT conference speaking engagements, and industry awards – all earned without vendor sponsorships.

Tech sectors: Network security, Internet of Things security, AdTech

PR strategies: media outreach, thought leadership bylines, analyst briefings, speaking engagements, awards program

Sample publication placements: